Message from the Chairman

Dear precious customers, shareholders, business partners and employees,

As we approach the end of 2017, we are undergoing difficult times in terms of economy and business in Turkey. As the costs increase each day, especially the needs of the manufacturing industry to remain standing, are reaching farther than the end of the tunnel. We are aware that the manufacturing industry is one of the most important sectors that can help our country progress and improve its welfare level. For this reason, our values inherited from our ancestors which brought us here today, will be the mentor for future generations. To become a country that has completed its development, is able to compete in the global area and distribute technology to the World, and to be Tufekci Makine we are continuing our works with the power and technology we inherited from our ancestors and with our legacy.

We aim to be present in the future as we did in the past with our customers that has been with us and is gaining new values together with us, with new and different projects in the areas that our country needs from time to time, who can create values through hardships and strong projects from time to time, and who can bring these new values to our country.

When we look at the development of the textile sector in Turkey, we are proud of the fact that the technological textile products with different specifications which are seen as development and change for both Turkey and the World are produced by our customers in our country. In addition to this, we know that today, creating values with our customers who have a voice in the textile industry, go on producing for the welfare of the country and aspire to improve their environments, also seeing that these values are permanent make us the happiest.

On the other hand, when we look at the World Development of the Textile Sector, we see that the production of textile products, which does not involve technology, covering a large part of the textile product needs of the world, is shifted to Asia and Far East. With this development in the textile industry, we have started works on Representation in the recent years so that our customers in Asia can reach us more easily. To progress and improve the sector with our local and foreign customers in these regions wanting to invest in these target regions, we have started our Uzbekistan Representation this year. We continue to plan our new initiatives by protecting the markets that we are a part of, especially in those regions. Today, when you leave the country, you can see that the machines we have been producing are making contributions to the economy of Turkey and the World in Africa, Asia and the Far East. Hereby, I would like to thank all our customers for making all Tufekci Makine employees proud and enabling us to create value in both project process and until the endpoint, and choosing us.

We acknowledge the necessity of configuring all our products according to the conditions of competition, and investigate product and technology development studies with our long-term friends. With our employees who bring new perspectives and differences to our processes, we are searching for the technologies that can be added to our systems and industry. We plan all the technologies that can be improved and can, at the same time, create plus value for our customers with all our employees and suppliers. We are aware that it takes a team that is strong and includes all different cultures for our products to be preferred in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, we plan on constantly improving and developing with our employees who were with us for a long time, our suppliers, and our new colleagues who just started their career. For this, we take the words of Tufekci Yusuf, from whom we took our company name, that goes "Don't say I can't do it, the one who does is not superior to you" as a principle and we apply the innovations we developed to both our production and systems.

We know that we have to innovate our processes and products to proceed according to our goals, dreams and vision, and in order to plan our future. Besides being innovative, we believe that we should implement a process that is transparent, human and solution-oriented, and creates loyalty and belonging. With this belief, we continue our institutionalization works of both our management and company that we started in the past years and will carry on for next years. Thus, we will emphatically continue to apply our new management style with our employees who are more involved and our new friends who are willing to take risks by creating new departments according to our company's organizational structure needs and vision, and by expanding the scope of existing departments. Thus, I want to thank our consultants who are the architecture of the new but ageless institutional development in our company.

I hope the stones we put in our path with ambition and excitement in the economy of the country and manufacturing industry for 105 years, and our achievements that will light our way, last. Therefore, I would like to thank all of our colleagues, business partners and suppliers who have contributed to these achievements and have worked together.

Best regards,