Tufekci Makine continues to work in order to transfer its 100+ years of production experience and the sector knowledge of important level so as to transfer its goals and principles to the future and to be able to place the right candidate in the correct position. Tufekci Makine recruitment and evaluation team members may be reviewing your competencies within the frame of the following competencies and trying to place you into the correct position. Whomever we are taking into any position, these articles will be valid and you will be assessed according to the basic Company Employee Competencies indicated below.

  1. Team Unity Contact
  2. Result Oriented and Problem Solving
  3. Ability to Develop Oneself and Team Members Innovator and Change Oriented
  4. Ability to Think Analytically and Differently
  5. Being Delicate in Interactions with Customers
  6. Ability to Take Initiative and Taking Action
  7. Time Management and Planning
  8. Positive Energy and Motivation

While all the points mentioned above are evaluated during the evaluation of our new employee candidates who have recently graduated from colleges or are experienced, all or some of the evaluation instruments that are deemed appropriate in the following cases are also used.

  1. Mental Typology Analysis Language Proficiency Exam Professional Personality Inventory Case Studies
  2. Competency Based Interview

As a result of all these evaluations, candidates who are deemed suitable by our company take a job offer and after accepting the offer, the candidates join us and start working.

All of these evaluations are made to determine how efficient the candidate will be for the company and to determine how proper and efficient the company will be for the candidate. Thus, it is aimed that the knowledge and qualities of persons are made useful first for themselves and then for the Tufekci Makine by evaluating the competencies and skills that persons possess.

We invite you to begin your career at Tufekci Makine by sending your CV to [email protected]