Based on the competencies, performance and developments of our employees, Talent Hunt Meetings are held at regular intervals in order for our company to undertake more developed responsibilities and to plan its career. The purpose of these meetings; To ensure that our employees in the company are identified early and enter the Promotion Pool and that they reach their deserved careers regarding their personal performance, goal accomplishment performance and competence during the time they work. Training is planned upon the discovery of such potentials of our employees and it is ensured that they continue their path with firm steps in our Company. In addition to the features mentioned above, if the employee shows a higher level of performance and competence, then the training will be planned according to the competence of the position they will occupy in the future by being selected by our Talent Scouts and plans to make the person successful is made by following them closely.

Thanks to this process, the points that are important for our sustainable success are backed up and contributions are made to the multiplying performance of our company.