I. Textile and Industrial air conditioning, dust and Waste Collection Consulting Services

  1. After holding a meeting with our customers who already have Projects or Factory Buildings, we are working on the Air Conditioning, Dust and Waste Collection Projects which are suitable for the minimum energy use according to the machine placements and the conditions of the buildings.
  2. If we encounter any problems on the factory layout, the machine park of the customer or their machine selection, we inform you and offer corrective suggestions.
  3. Within the approved projects and proposals, if asked, we will realize your projects that will be directed by you and add value to you, and we will finish our on-site assembly activities on time and provide our systems to you by initiating them.
  4. We provide spare parts and maintenance/repair services on demand, together with our services that we offer to our customers under warranty after delivering our systems.

II. Comfort Air Conditioning, Dust and Waste Collection Consulting Services

  1. We realize the Air Conditioning, Dust and Waste Collection projects of areas such as of Communal Living Areas, Communal Working Areas, Greenhouses, etc. where humans and living things exist, in accordance with the minimum energy consumption and apply our knowledge which we use in the Textile and Industrial Industry in this field, as well.
  2. We determine, propose, and implement the most appropriate systems, either through customers' projects or on- site exploration with our customers whose projects are ready or who are ready to start a new project.