1. We design the Air Conditioning, Dust and Waste Collection Systems in Textile, Industrial and Comfort areas with our experience since 1986.
  2. In order to add plus value to you, we aim to produce projects that can work with energy-saving and minimum workmanship costs that will make sure your projects sustain not only your present but also your tomorrow.
  3. We determine the systems that are in project phase and our project clients will need in a meeting with our customers and we try to create the most appropriate project.
  4. By evaluating each project separately, we design the systems that work with the highest possible efficiency for our customers.
  5. As a result of the approval of your projects, we proceed to the production process and finish our installation activities in your plant at the promised time and present our systems for your use.
  6. We provide spare parts and maintenance/repair services upon request, together with our services that we offer to our customers under warranty after our system delivery.