Believing that the corporate development is based on the individual development, Tufekci Makine establishes goals for every individual within the Company - that are both individual and corporate - to develop the content and capacity of the Corporate Goals determined in line with the company strategies. After the extensification of the targets from the top to the bottom, these goals that the working individuals set for themselves are evaluated by the managers and the employees at a final meeting and regulatory measures are taken if necessary. Our employees determine these goals through the meetings with managers at the beginning of each year, and the stages related to the individual's goals are followed throughout the year.

If the manager and the employee feel that the performance of the individual is required to be improved in direction of the determined goals, they request the development management by conveying it to the related agents and the appropriate adjustment measures are taken for these goals. With this, a contribution is made to the development of the person.

Employees are given the opportunity to take part in the development opportunities within the company, considering their performance and personal development at the end of the year.

Every goal is determined to prevent the individual from staying in the same place in both institutional and individual terms, and to help them build their own future; and thanks to this, we are all delighted to accomplish things together.