The wage management of Tufekci Makine is an international structure supported by fair and competitive policies, which is created by considering the salaries of all our colleagues and all the employees in the sector.

The basis of our Wage Management is the work levels, job evaluations and local wage studies. Job evaluations are done separately from person and title, depending on the content of the job done, the contributions to the company goals and the level of responsibility they undertook.

After each assessed job position, the wage policies are determined according to their levels, and a competitive and fair wage policy is applied by evaluating the local wage studies. Our wage policy; our current wage structures vary according to the dynamic nature of the market, competition and our company's ability to pay.

With the past that our company carries, we adopt an independent, general judgment criteria that is equal pay for equal work, which we apply only to the position. We use a wage management system that is set up to ensure that our employees with High Performance are separated and motivated by setting Performance Goals on a yearly basis, as determined by each employee and as long as it is fair for the general company.